How Google fax number works

  • William Kenny
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  • 01/24/2018
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    In the past, if anyone needed to send a fax then one thing that was required was the fax machine. Not just a fax machine there were so many other things that were needed so that to send a fax. It meant that before you could post any fax, then you needed to spend a lot, set up the machine and learn how they work. But that has changed with the help of the Google fax number it so easy. Because Google will be able to forward all the faxes that have been received in your Google inbox. With this, it’s so easy to send a fax from your computer. Read on to understand how you can send fax from Gmail.

    Getting a Google fax number

    getting a fax number

    Now that you have an idea of what a Google fax number is you might be wondering how you can get it. They are two things that you will be required to have. You will need to have a Gmail account and email fax service. It’s a must to have the email fax service because it will be the one that will provide the virtual fax number and it will be integrated with the email. You will be given the chance of selecting the fax number that you want. It might be local, any number or toll-free.

    Behind the scenes

    Once you have gotten the virtual fax number, it will be able to work just like any other number. The difference will be how the final product will be delivered to you. If someone sends you the fax from their computer, the document will be sent to the online fax service and it will be able to change the fax to a digital format and then it will be sent to your email in the form of a pdf. The whole process is automatic, and there is nothing that you will have to worry about except wait for the notification once you have received the fax message.

    Changing the fax number

    changing the fax number

    There are people out there that already have the fax number, but they wish to change. It can be a complicated process since you will have to inform all your contacts of the number change. It can even cause a gap regarding communication. The other option that there is in changing the number is the number porting. Number porting means that you will be able to keep that number that you have, but you will go through the process of converting it digitally. Which will able you to receive and send the fax through the internet.