Mobile Apps

phoneSome people do not understand that mobile apps are different from laptop or desktop apps. The fact is that it is more challenging to develop a mobile app than a laptop or desktop app. If you are planning to start developing a new mobile app, be ready for the numerous challenges ahead of you. But you can deal with these challenges that mobile app developers face by exploring them in advance and putting in place appropriate strategies to avoid them.

Top challenges that mobile app developers face

Developing an app that will be recognized

appThis is a challenge because mobile app development market has become very crowded. Many mobile apps are being created every day thus the competition is very high. Mobile app developers have to do a lot of research to establish their target group or market, function and/aim of the app, price, etc. The developers have to ensure that they create unique and great apps for them to be recognized. In addition to this, they have to be prepared with a plan on how they will market and promote their app so that it can be noticed

Screen real estate

Creating a mobile app that can be used across a variety of devices is very challenging. Different mobile devices have varied screen sizes, pixel intensities, built-in technologies and operation system requirements. This forces mobile app developers to adopt responsive design strategy. This increases the liquidity/flexibility of the app to allow adjustments for it to suit varied screen sizes and formats.

Getting funding

Developing a mobile app requires a substantial amount of money. This is because the resources required are many. Even if you have a unique mobile app idea that may become the next big thing, investors always want a prototype. For you to get any funding, you must look for resources, probably on your own, and create a prototype so as to present it to potential investors. This is very challenging for mobile app developers. You can also do all these and still fail to get the funding you needed.

Creating a simple, clear and interactive app

appThe process of designing such as app is very complicated and time-consuming. Mobile app developers have to combine various elements, including swipe and tap gestures, click buttons, overlays, and tangible interactions. Remember that all these have to be self-explanatory because the app will be used by people who have no idea about app development or the challenges that developers face.