Battery Killing Mistakes You Are Making

  • William Kenny
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  • 05/21/2016
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    Whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop, there are probably several mistakes you are making that are killing your battery. These devices have become very important in our lives that we cannot do without them even if it is only for a few hours. Therefore if your battery has not been lasting for the recommended or expected period, it may be because of killing mistakes you are making. These mistakes are many and can be what you never thought could be killing your battery. Recognizing these mistakes should help you avoid them so that you can protect your battery and prolong its performance life.

    Common battery killing mistakes you are committing

    1. Frequent charging

    battery iconSome people always want their batteries to be 100% full all the time. To achieve this, they charge their devices frequently any time the battery is not fully charged. Experts recommend that a battery should be at a level between 30 and 80% because there is where it operates more efficiently. So charging your battery now and then or leaving it on charge overnight is one of the mistakes that may be killing your batter.

    2. Using a wrong charger

    There is a reason why only certain chargers are recommended to charge particular devices. A charger is designed in such a way that when the battery is fully charged, power gets automatically cut. Using a wrong charger means that power will continue being supplied to the battery even when it reaches 100%. This causes serious damages to the battery thus killing it. Therefore avoid using wrong chargers and only charge your battery with a compatible charger

    3. Excessive use of backup charger

    You probably find it convenient to use backup battery case to charge your battery when you are roaming. What you may not know is that during charging, both the case and battery release heat, which may cause serious destruction to your battery. This means that the more you use your backup charger, the higher chances of killing your battery.

    4. Charging your battery while the case is on

    This is because the case may trap heat and emit it directly to the battery causing damages. Of course, batteries will work sluggishly when exposed to extreme temperatures. To avoid this, take away the case any time you are charging your device. This way, the trapped heat will be released into the environment naturally.