Signs of a cheating partner

  • Selena Henry
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  • 04/27/2017
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    Unions between partners should be respected and accorded the sanctitude they deserve. Partners should be able to communicate freely in order to understand each other better and solve issues that could adversely affect the relationship. In modern times, however, cheating has become the norm, and it is sad that the divorce rate has grown tremendously. Marriages are no longer sacred. Vows that are taken at the altar and left at the same altar because they are said as a mere formality in marriage and not a show of commitment. The phrase ‘Till death do us part” is inapplicable in the society today since marriages breakdown as soon as three months. This is just sad.

    However, a times we have hunches that partner is cheating but we have no sufficiman with pink lipstick on his colarent evidence to confront them. Some people are built in a way that they cannot detect that a partner is unfaithful to them and therefore they remain ignorant to the signs.

    They are highly irritable and defensive

    You ought to observe some basic tendencies that develop in your partner which were inexistent when you started out. Cheating partners tend to get irritated more easily especially when queried about their whereabouts. They never want to be precise about where and who they have been spending their time with. Psychologically, this has been described as a defense mechanism that inhibits you from asking details that could be suspicious.

    Mysterious calls and messages

    Suddman crossing fingersenly, a cheating partner will have new callers that call at specific times. These conversations could be prolonged or brief. You should, therefore, be careful to evaluate your partner’s body language as they receive the phone calls. Typically, your partner should be able to pick all their calls in your presence, but if they have to walk out or ignore the calls, then you can take that as a red flag.

    Changes in routines

    When you stay with a spouse for a prolonged period of time then you will become accustomed to their day routines. Usually, these routines include you. A cheating partner can be spotted by the fact that they do not do some things that they used to do at specific times. They will start going out more and spending more time with their “friends.”…