Top Features Of iPhone 7 And The Specs

  • William Kenny
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  • 01/07/2017
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    iPhone is an infamous product by Apple. Everyday smartphone users are increasing as the manufacturer keep adding amazing features on the phone, which is very much helpful for the users. The Dairy provides top reasons you should purchase this smart device. We have listed out top features of iPhone 7 that you can do with your smartphone.

    Voicemail Organization

    Voicemail organization is one of the cutest top features of iPhone 7. man holding phoneWith this feature, there is no need for phoning, and you can get all the messages in your mailbox. You will receive every message as they arrive. They are present in the mailbox with the names. By seeing the names, you can go straight to the message and avoid spam. Saved messages are not subjected to the time limit, but it will stay in your mailbox. The messages get out of your mailbox only when you will delete them.

    Uninterrupted Web Browser

    Safari is the web browser that you will have on your iPhone. It supports JavaScript as well as CSS. You can enjoy web browsing on your smartphone by configuring on it. You can set up WiFi on iPhone. Using the touchscreen, you can easily control the zooms and text. Safari’s entire browsing experience is engaging, smooth and intuitive.

    Easy Applications

    Calendar, contacts, camera, email as well as iPod application, Safari are among the best applications that help users. Google map is another application that is helpful in finding locations. Other application such as iPhoto, iTunes are just great.

    SMS Organization

    SMS organization feature is also just amazing as voicemails. The third party does SMS organization, but the service is just amazing, and you will enjoy it. It is also a well-organized and one thread for one contact message.

    Landscape Mode and Motion Sensors

    Your smartphman writing on paperone (iPhone) is full of sensors. You will see the proximity sensors and light sensors for adjusting the brightness of the phone. The motion detectors available on the phone are used to maximize effect over the document and Safari in the landscape mode.

    iTunes App Store

    iTunes is just an amazing application that enables users to download music and your favorite app. However, you have to pay for your iTunes account. You can easily download any other application that you required in your iPhone, and it is not available by default.

    This is just one list; there are much more top features of iPhone 7 which are very much helpful. Overall, you will enjoy every bit of your smartphone, though it is little expensive than an Android phone its wonderful feature will make you fall in love with the phone.…