• William Kenny
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  • 01/28/2017
  • web hosting

    Websites are usually kept on special computers called servers.A web host is a business that provides the necessary technologies and services needed for a website or web page to be seen on the internet. To start with, the best web hosting company should provide space for your website on the internet. Some web host will sometimes provide you a website domain name if you do not have one.

    Features your web host has to provide no matter what

    1.Customer Services

    It is very important that your web host should have a good customer slaptopervice. If they do not, you might be frustrated. There would be times you might need to solve urgent issues, and you need a company that would have a high-quality customer service that would be available to serve you 24/7.

    2. Control Panel

    A control panel is what helps control everything about your website, and it is the job of your web host to provide that. It can be annoying if you have a website you can’t control, so, it is essential you have a web host that has a good control panel.

    3. Site Statistics

    Your web host should offer you statistics, but some might require you to pay more for certain features like how much traffic your website is getting. You need to be sure of the kind of statistics your host is willing to offer you before you pick a host.

    4. Shopping globe and laptopCarts

    If you are planning to sell stuff on your website, you should make sure your host is willing to offer you shopping carts application. You should also be sure if your host will allow you set up an online shopping cart for your business’s website. Though some web host might require you to pay for this feature.

    5. Unlimited Mailboxes

    Owning a website domain means you would have to create a lot of professional mailboxes. For this reason, you would have to confirm if your web host will allow you to have unlimited mailboxes because some web host would only allow you to have a limited number of mailboxes.

    6. Website Builder

    A good web host should provide you with enough tools to create a really good website. You should also be provided with a template to use in creating your website. These are just a few out of many features that your web host should provide for you. Always make sure you ask enough questions before you pick a web host.…